Focus on Education
for Marana Unified School District Governing Board 2024

Election day: November 5, 2024


We live in a rapidly changing world, where we cannot guarantee a secure future for our kids. We can, however, empower them with education: our most powerful tool. I seek to dismantle barriers to this process, fostering Marana's next generation of outstanding young citizens.

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Collin— I'm an engineer, husband, and science communicator. I lead R&D at S.Y.STEM Coalition's Tucson Chapter, where I create STEM curricula for K-12 students. I also attend various schools' science functions throughout Tucson, and I run an after school science club at my wife's school.

Why am I running for office?

My teachers gave more than the sum of knowledge they imparted on me: they empowered me with the passion for learning, something I strive to share. Sadly, many educators today, including my wife and many of my closest friends, face enormous barriers to inspiring that same passion in the next generation. It is profoundly disheartening to watch helplessly as those you love pour their whole hearts out, only to lose the hope their teachers once gave them. While each of their stories are unique and varied, there are common themes which resonate at the national level as obstructions to our schools' health. I seek to change that.

What exactly am I running for?

Marana Unified School District's governing board is the central authority which determines policy, selects curricula, oversees budget, and ensures compliance with state and federal regulations. It includes five elected volunteers who collaborate to serve the best interests of the schools and surrounding community. The board's members also serve as ambassadors to the community, ensuring that your voice as a parent, student, employee, or resident in the district is heard and considered. If elected, my role would be to work with my fellow electees to foster an inclusive and equitable learning environment where students thrive and Marana flourishes.


  • Quality Education for Students

    Students come first. As any parent or teacher will reassure you, providing a valuable education to our students is paramount. This goes beyond just core subjects: technology, music, art, sports, and extracurricular activities are equally vital to a well-rounded childhood.

    Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted in-person learning, leading to significant losses in both academic progress and social growth on a national scale. As a community, we must redouble our efforts to provide students with the support they need to catch up academically and to foster the development of strong citizenship.

  • Support for Educators

    Behind every successful student is a dedicated educator, and there's no doubt that the dedication of our teachers should inspire awe, especially in today's world. Non-competitive compensation, blurred work boundaries, concentration of workload, worsening student behavior, academic setbacks, and politicization of curricula have led to us demanding far too much from our teachers.

    As a result, the turnover of educators is on the rise, and in response to a shortage of qualified and motivated candidates, many schools are consolidating classes, calling on support staff to be teachers, or outright waiving their hiring criteria. We shouldn't have to resort to reducing our expectations. Rather, we should be attracting talented and passionate teachers by offering both competitive benefits and comprehensive resources to all staff.

  • Focus on Education

    Education is the cornerstone of our community's success and the key to our children's future. My commitment is to prioritize the well-being and academic growth of our students. In our schools, the focus must remain squarely on giving every student the opportunity to reach their full potential.

    The free exchange of ideas is vital to democracy and cooperation, however it is not the responsibility of our kids to fight our political battles. Instead, we must foster an environment where critical thinking can thrive, free from interference from divisive political agendas. By shielding our schools, parents, and students from external pressures, we can ensure that our classrooms remain spaces of learning, exploration, and growth.


What do you mean by inclusivity?

When I use the term, I mean fostering respect and ensuring that educational resources are available to all students equally. This is not a partisan position, but rather the duty of public schools to serve the whole community. In practice, this means crafting policy which neither favors nor harms specific demographics and actively addressing bullying to prevent rifts among the student body.

What do you mean by comprehensive support?

I seek to attract and retain talented teachers by addressing the reasons they are quitting:

    Total Compensation

  • Basic pay increases
  • More affordable insurance benefits
  • Competitive retirement plans
  • Functional Support

  • Encouraging parent involvement
  • Academic and behavioral specialist support
  • More planning/grading time (better work-life separation)
  • Reliable, responsive administrators
  • Consistency in discipline and safety responses
  • De-polarization of curricula
How will you pay for all of this?

MUSD has sound financials: the passing of property tax reforms and the new construction growth we have seen in recent years has led to tax revenue exceeding expectations. We have the overhead needed to upgrade our existing services and expand to meet the rising demand of school-age families.

While I can't claim credit, in the past 4 years, MUSD teacher salaries have increased 17%, and all our schools have grown from C and D to A and B ratings.

What can I do as a parent to support my child?

Supporting your child can be extremely challenging, but every bit helps. Here are some key ways you can focus your efforts:

  • Active Participation: Everything works smoother when parents and teachers are on the same page. Agree on how you will both reward and discipline your child.
  • Stay Informed: Keep track of events, grades, and potential setbacks. Be proactive in addressing challenges, but also allow for failure during childhood while the stakes are low.
  • Foster Balance: Ensure that your child spends time on school work, extracurriculars, and other pursuits. All areas of growth are important to becoming rounded adults.
  • Encourage Reading: Enjoyment, comprehension, and analysis are crucial to building the strong critical thinking skills and skipticism which are essential to navigating today's information age.
  • Open Dialog: Be willing to have trusting, mature conversations with your child. We should never be afraid to ask questions or seek the help of others.
Do you support book bans?

No. Censoring ideas is antithetical to education and indicative of narrative control. Exposure to new ideas, inluding those with which we disagree, is critical to broadening our understanding.

What is your restroom access policy?

The priority is the safety, privacy, and comfort of students as well as the ability for staff to intervene in incidents of misconduct. Students should use the restroom that best meets their needs. In cases where students compromise the safety or privacy of others, parents and staff should collaborate on individualized plans.

Every MUSD school currently offers at least one single-occupancy, ungendered restroom for students. As needs arise, I advocate for adding or converting restrooms into single-occupancy units. Where prevented by layout or budget, I would alternatively consider private, fully-enclosed toilet rooms with a shared, ungendered sink area.

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